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What is the BEST age to start Martial Arts?

Posted: August 20, 2020

What is the best age to start Martial Arts?

With all the benefits of Martial Arts, parents often wonder...What’s the best age to enroll their children into classes?

Believe it or not, young exposure is never a bad idea.  Four- and five-year old’s benefit greatly from martial arts classes.  They are not doing any too difficult or dangerous just yet.  At this age they are just learning the basics, along with disciple, respect and confidence. They are also learning skills like balance, hand-eye coordination and attention span.

If your child is not suited for team sports, it’s still a great way for them to get exercise and meet new friends.

Before all that, the best way to know if martial arts is right for your child is quite simple…ask them if they are interested.  If your child doesn’t quite know enough to answer that question, then take them to a local school and observe a class.  Most schools offer a free trial class to see if you child enjoys it.  Kids love doing what their peers are doing so going with a buddy is often a fun way to get started.  Most schools will also evaluate your child privately so they can tell you if your child is ready and which class would be the best fit for them.

All in all, kids can begin learning the very basics early on, but this can also depend on a child’s rate of development.

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