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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

Posted: September 06, 2021

“Don’t talk to strangers” used to be the cure all to protect your child, but there are two sides to this.  If you child wants to make friends or is lost…they need to talk to a stranger.

Instead of creating an encompassing rule of “Don’t talk to strangers”.  Teach your children to learn who is safe.  Children need to be taught to be on guard for manipulative or deceptive adults, who they can trust and how to be safe. 

Instead of concentrating on specific examples like “Don’t take candy from a stranger” or “Don’t get into a stranger’s car”, focus on principles that a child can use in lots of situations.  Such as teach your child that they shouldn’t accept any type of gift from someone they don’t know, and they shouldn’t accept any ride from them either.

Why Martial Arts is Good for Adults

Posted: August 02, 2021

The discipline known as martial arts has spread at an incredible speed in the West since its introduction in the 20th century from its historic roots in East Asia. Martial arts can be classified as either armed combat (including fencing and archery) or unarmed combat (such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Judo). Awareness, strength and skill make a student exceptional in the discipline.

Adults who study martial arts at any level experience a wealth of benefits that transform both their physical health and mental clarity. There are immense advantages to exploring martial arts training even as an adult:

1. Boost Your Self-Confidence

How To Talk To Your Kids About Big Feelings & Calming Down

Posted: July 06, 2021

As a parent, teacher or martial arts instructor, you might have had moments where children experience overwhelming feelings such as anger, anxiety or agitation leading to fitful moments, tantrums and melt-downs. Who hasn’t? Statistics tell us that 20% of young children have tantrums daily—this is normal. And as children get older, some still have trouble dealing with over-the-top feelings. And let’s be honest- at times these feelings don’t only challenge children—but they challenge us, as adults, as well.

Important Messages:

Why Competition Is Healthy For Kids

Posted: June 01, 2021

Why Competition is Healthy For Kids

What does the word ‘competition’ bring to mind? Is all competition a good thing? How do you distinguish between helpful competition and that which may harm your child?

Sport usually takes the form of competition, whether it’s a game of basketball, the school cross country championships or a wrestling tournament, competition is the activity of striving to win something by defeating or gaining supremacy over others.

How To Talk To Kids About Sibling Rivalry

Posted: April 30, 2021

Best friends? Worst enemies, buddies, adversaries, confidants, competitors? There’s no relationship like it–  siblings! One minute they’re getting along and the next minute they are fighting tooth and nail like lions and tigers! Some parents might even wonder under the most extreme duress, will there ever be a day when they just get along?

Important Messages:

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